What is a pre-wedding shoot and what are the benefits of having one.

Here at Elsiebee Photography we pride ourselves on creating relaxed, informal and fun wedding photographs. We want them to reflect the real you and for your personalities to shine through. In order to do this we think it’s really important to have a pre-wedding shoot and that’s why it’s offered completely free of charge with all our packages. Yes, that’s right! All of them!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it embarrassing and awkward to be in front of the camera. The thought of having a photographer following you around for the day can sound really daunting and not relaxing at all. Having a pre-wedding shoot can help.


A pre-wedding shoot is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shoot that takes place before your wedding day. Its usually good fun, relaxed and informal. We won’t have you doing anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.if you’ve got some ideas of your own, then we’re more than happy to try them out. Pinterest is a great resource for this. Believe it or not, most people really enjoy their pre-wedding shoots. It helps your photographer get to know you and you them. You can tell them what you do and don’t like, and they’ll have lots of tips and techniques to help you feel relaxed.

Amy and Richard are due to get married this month. They chose to have their pre-wedding shoot at Hardcastle Crags in the South Pennines. There's lots of lovely footpaths and woodland to explore and it's also home to Gibson Mill, home to the Weaving Shed Cafe.


As suggested above, a pre-wedding shoot helps to make you feel more relaxed on your wedding day. You get to know your photographer and vice versa. It’s more like having extra friends at your wedding and not total strangers. It’s also a good time to discuss finer details of your wedding day. We can chat about your expectations and ensure that we’re all on the same page. It will also hopefully re-assure you that we know exactly what you want.


I often ask my couples to choose somewhere that means something to them. It can be a place they visit as a couple or somewhere they think will look good on their pictures eg a fun fair or venue they like. One of my couples chose a local beauty spot that was also the place where the brides grand parents had lived when she was growing up. She can remember visiting as a child and the couple wanted to bring their young son along too. It was really good fun but also meaningful to them. We even got a few shots with her grandparents old cottage in the back ground. (We are up for most things so let you imagination run wild!)


I usually say that you should wear what you feel comfortable in. There’s no point in getting all dressed up to have photographs taken half way up a mountain. The photographs are a reflection of you and your personalities as a couple. Alternatively if you like to dress up and have your hair and make up done, don’t let us stop you.

Some kind of co-ordination works well too. We don’t mean completely matching outfits, but we do want you to look like a couple! If you both like funky, bright coloured clothing, go for it. Alternatively if you like the outdoors and walking, bring your hiking boots! Anything (within reason) goes!

If we haven’t convinced you already, here’s a quick round up of why we think they’re important.

  • they’re good fun

  • you get to know your photographer and vice versa

  • you’ll feel more relaxed on your wedding day

  • you can share ideas of what you do and don’t like

  • it will be like having an old friend on your wedding day

  • some photographer include them for free, so why not

Hopefully that will have helped you understand what all the fuss is about and you’ll snap up the chance to have one, if it’s offered to you!

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