About us 

We are a brother and sister duo who in case you haven't noticed, fill our time taking wedding photographs!

The business was started in 2014 by Lindsay (that's me). 

I live in a lovely little cottage in Luddenden with my partner and 3 cats. I love outdoor space and fresh air. I'm a massive animal lover and can usually be found patting the nearest dog and talking to the local cats. I absolutely love my food, particularly cheese and chocolate!

Andrew came to join a few years later. He loves the outdoors and can usually be found out walking his beloved dog Vader. He loves chatting to people and don't be surprised if he's first at the bar to buy you a drink. will wear his shorts in all weathers. 

We both love candid photographs and try to keep posing to a minimum, but if you want some formal photographs (for the inlays :)) we're very good at flouncing dresses!

Louise and Kevin's Wedding-336
Louise and Kevin's Wedding-439
Louise and Kevin's Wedding-436
Louise and Kevin's Wedding-279
Louise and Kevin's Wedding-277
Louise and Kevin's Wedding-101
Louise and Kevin's Wedding-100
Louise and Kevin's Wedding-12
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